Sri Lanka boasts an incredible culinary heritage. The result of a unique fusion of local produce with recipes and spices brought to the island over many decades by Malays, Arabs, Portugese, Dutch and English. Thanks to Sri Lanka’s tropical climate, fresh fruits and vegetables are in abundance.



In our restaurant we serve a wide range of traditional Sri Lankan food, such as delicious vegetable currys, special oven- baked bread, brown rice and fresh fruits. The owner of Villa Araliya used to live for many years in Italy, where he discovered his love to the Italian cuisine. That`s why we also serve a small and exquisite range of Italian dishes at our restaurants. With our professionell oven we can provide our guests authentic and delicious Italian pizzas. Please notice that we only serve vegetarian food in all our restaurants.


At Villa Araliya we are conscious of our responsibility to the environment, our employees and the local community.

We have considered many aspects of our operations to ensure that we embrace sustainable tourism, reduce our carbon footprint and ensure that our guests are staying in a safe, non-toxic and energy-efficient accommodation.

  • Renewable energy sources (solar)
  • Guest room and hotel lobby recycling bins
  • Towel and sheet re-use (guests can tell housekeeping to leave these slightly used items to reduce water consumption)
  • Energy-efficient lighting
  • Serve organic and local-grown food
  • Non-disposable dishes
  • Grey-water recycling, which is the reuse of kitchen, bath and laundry water for garden and landscaping
  • Newspaper recycling program

As a guest, we welcome your support in assisting Villa Araliya and Sri Lanka become more sustainable.

  • Conserve Energy – reduce energy by switching off lights and closing windows if heating or air conditioning is on
  • Eat Local, Buy Local and See Local – support local producers and services, experience the true flavour of what Sri Lanka has to offer
  • Be Water Wise – Please use water wisely. Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth and adhere to towel policies or other water saving initiatives
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Assist us by avoiding over packaged goods or say no to that extra carrier bag


Sri Lanka is home to millions of roaming dogs and cats. Most of them are living on the streets and that’s why they face many perils in their daily life. Some are natural dangers, others are caused by humans. We invision a Sri Lanka free from animal suffering.

That’s why we try to take our part and help as much as we can. We adopt stray dogs and give them a new home. Villa Araliya is home to a few dogs and cats. We love our animals and we hope you do so too. All our dogs and cats are vaccinated.